Hey there,

I’m dealing with some technical difficulties on my part, but I haven’t given up. As of now (3/7/19), it’s been about a month since I’ve updated. The next page is on it’s way – it’s just delayed. Thanks for sticking it out,

– Matt

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Hey folks! This is my first time making something like this. I don’t quite know yet how often I’ll be able to update. I’m hoping for a weekly schedule, but at minimum I’d like to get a page up at least every other week. In lieu of a traditional schedule, I’ll be updating my social media pages (check out the Contact page for links) with every update, so be sure to follow me if you like what you see so far! Thank you for your patience as I hone this craft.

If you really like what you see and you’d like to support me, consider becoming my patron on Patreon. Either way, thanks for stopping by!